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Nappy Widget, on

I wrote an Apple Dashboard Widget the other day. It’s pretty neat. You get two little programs: one that you use to note whether your baby is asleep or awake, and one that you send to friends that automatically updates itself to show whether your baby is asleep or awake. The way it works is, you click a button (“Awake”, for instance) on yours, and it sends a message to theirs (“Francis is Awake”) automatically. So they don’t call and accidentally wake the baby up while he is napping.

I’m selling it for six dollars, which I think is an eminently reasonable price. Actually, I’m giving it away for free, it just costs six dollars to get a “channel code”, which is the part that lets you send the messages. The channel code is valid for six months and can be extended after that if you like.

Anyway – I uploaded it to’s Dashboard section – and this morning it is on the front page!! So that is pretty cool.

You should check it out. It would make a great gift, hint hint :-).

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