From this afternoon’s marine forecast:

NE winds 20 to 25 kt with gusts up to 40 kt. Waves 2 to 3 ft…except 4 to 7 ft at the Outer Harbor entrance. Patchy fog. Rain. Vsby 1 nm or less.

Now, we are safely landward of a huge rock breakwater, tied securely to a great big dock, and nothing short of a hurricane could hope to dislodge us. But it is still pretty exciting to have an actual storm on its way in. We prepared by sitting belowdeck all day long today, listening to the patter of torrential rain on the roof and googling the MPH equivalent of 40 knots of windspeed (it’s 46). I unnecessarily retied all of our docklines twice, in preparation. So now if there’s a quiz, I’ll do pretty well on the “hauling docklines” portion.

One of the great joys of being on board so early in the season is that the marina is almost completely deserted, so there are few people around to see our continual un-yachtsmanline efforts to do everyday things. Attaching the sails yesterday was the most obvious, but even tying up docklines is pretty challenging. The other boats all sit peacefully, lines slack, while we seem to strain against one squeaking line no matter how much I fidget. I assume Steph and I will figure it all out eventually.

Today was my first day back working, which went great on the EvDO-wifi router although I am pretty worried about the 5GB monthly cap. I doubt we will be able to handle such restricted usage for long, but there’s no other solution available for now, so we’re going to grin and bear it for at least a little while. Maybe we’ll find municipal wifi in Rhode Island. Or 4g. Or something!

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