Dinghy Day

After much discussion, deliberation, and hand-wringing, we took the plunge and bought a dinghy today. I’ll spare you the six hour saga of renting a truck and spending three hours at the dinghy store, and instead show you that I brought it home in said truck:

Dinghy in rented truck

Then Steph and I dragged it out onto the dock and built it (it’s an Ikea-style dinghy, some assembly required).

Made it to the dock

And then we took it for a shakedown dinghy cruise around the marina:


Here’s what we now know about this dinghy: it is tippy! On our honeymoon we had a ten foot rigid bottomed inflatable dinghy, which was a super lot of fun. For our current adventures we got an eight foot long hard plastic dinghy, with a 2.5 horsepower yamaha motor. Here is why we chose those particular options:

  • Plastic, instead of inflatable. We’re going to be using the dinghy to explore rocky coastlines in an area with a 14 foot tidal range. We have to be able to drag it over rocks, without worrying about popping it. Inflatable would have been more stable, and have a higher load capacity, but it was also more expensive and not as durable.
  • A little engine, instead of a big one. “Big” in this case would have been about 8 horsepower, maybe ten at the outside, but that’s a lot more than two and a half! We chose a small engine because it was cheaper, and even more important lighter weight. We need to be able to get the dinghy and motor out of the water and onto the boat in a pinch, and a 34 pound motor makes that pretty easy. A 94 pound motor would have been pretty tough!

Now that the weather has started to clear, it looks very likely that tomorrow we will have a chance to install our new name! My hero friend John Young sent us amazing new laser-cut labels for our transom (vocabulary update: the “transom” is the very back of the boat). We got them via FedEx yesterday, in the middle of Noah’s Flood. The decals have to be put on in sunny, warm weather, so we’ve had to wait. I cannot describe how excited about our new name, MEGATRON, done in what is indisputably the world’s most awesomely-named font: “Smashing Sans”


Also, Steph says hi!

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