Moving Day Approaching

In a break from previous moves, I’m taking two days off from work for this one, even before we start the process of driving across the country. It seems like a good idea; in addition to the standard packing all of our stuff in to boxes, we also need to significantly pare down the amount of stuff we live with on a daily basis. Because we don’t plan to become seven-seas vagabonds for the rest of our lives, that means lots and lots of stuff in storage.

Other than the destination, though, so far it’s a lot like all of our other moves: storage, packing, goodwill, phone calls to the new destination to make sure the various legalities are lined up, etc. There are some differences:

  • Documentation. Marine documentation is handled by the coast guard. On the plus side, documenting your vessel with the Coast Guard is seen as A Good Thing by our bank, and it allows us not to have to register with the state DMV in every state we visit. On the minus side, we paid someone a bunch of money to make sure we did it right, because there is a significant fine for doing it wrong. Now that it’s done right, we have to get our boats name and hailing port (Megatron, Boulder CO) painted on the boat, and an engraved plaque with our documentation number mounted somewhere. This has to happen before we move the boat at all, or we risk a $10,000 fine. Whew!
  • Living Comfort. We take certain things for granted in an apartment, like heat, fresh water, and electricity. No more. We purchased a big device that is basically a marine furnace to keep us warm, since pleasure boats aren’t generally built with them preinstalled. Fresh water lives in a 100 gallon tank, which seems like a lot until you shower twice in one day. We’ll be able to refill at a local dock, hopefully not too often. Electricity lives in one huge battery that has to be recharged whenever its level of charge drops below 70% or so.

There are lots more things, which I hope to get to eventually. Tonight, I’m shipping fourteen eBay packages. I sold most of my triathlon equipment on eBay, and we are using the proceeds to buy a dinghy:


I have no idea who that lady is, but I think she’s in our future dinghy.

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