Packing the house

With just a couple of days remaining here in Boulder, it’s a frenzy of activity. The movers are coming tomorrow to move everything we own that’s bigger than a shoebox to a long term storage facility in Longmont.

See you later, desks, beds, and coffee table!

So far it’s quite a lot like a normal move in terms of all the “should we keep this” and “how should we wrap this up so it doesn’t break?” kinds of decisions, only with the additional distinction between “should we bring this with us now” and “should we keep this for The Future House.” Practically all of our dress clothes, for instance, are going in to long term storage. Along with Euonym, if she’s not careful:


It’s very exciting, but it’s also stressful and sad. We are doing things this week that we wanted to be sure to do “one last time before we leave.” Last night we went out to Steph’s favorite bar downtown, and tonight after the show (we’re both in the chorus of Aida) we will have a chance to watch a movie with friends from the theatre. It’s a pretty challenging time; both of us are psyched about the adventure that lies ahead, but part of having that chance means that we need to leave our friends and family. We are trying to be very clear with our invitations (“ANY TIME YOU’RE FREE, WE WOULD LOVE TO HOST YOU”) but it’s a long trip from Colorado to the ocean so we know it won’t be an everyday thing to see our friends from home. We’re very excited to see more of our friends and family who live on the east coast, and very much looking forward to reconnecting with them, and it is still hard to leave Boulder.

Anyway, one glance out the window easily shows us that it’s time to break out the bermuda shorts and floppy sun hats. Obviously, nature is trying to give us a sign. Thank goodness the heater is all installed.


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