Adventures Astern, Adventures Ahead

Top down view of Megatron

It’s the end of another season aboard Megatron.  This past spring, we once again had high hopes of sailing across the ocean to spend the winter in the Caribbean.  One of the awesome things I have learned is not to be ashamed of taking an honest assessment of my abilities and saying “Ha ha!  What the hell was I thinking?”

So we’ll be back in Longmont for the winter, and Megatron will be on jackstands, protected by plastic wrap here in Warwick, RI.  Megatron is for sale  – undeniably the best priced Beneteau 373 in the United States – while we think of downsizing.

We shocked ourselves by making this decision.

Megatron has been an awesome home and platform for adventure for the past 18 months, and we don’t regret a moment of our time aboard.  We traveled many, many hundreds of miles, explored countless beautiful harbors, met friendly and interesting people, and grew closer as a couple.  We learned to work together to keep Megatron moving straight and standing still.  We learned about prop walk, weather helm, night blindness, seasickness, cabin fever, heaving-to.  We received countless lessons in trust – trusting ourselves, each other, our preparations, the boat, and random strangers. Living aboard has been another adventure of a lifetime and I hope we do it again someday.  Maybe sooner than later.  It all depends on which way the wind is blowing.

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