Megatron is ready for winter; We are *almost* ready

IMG 0863 IMG 0876
Left: Megatron, all scrubbed up and ready for a winter’s rest and her new family.  Right: the view out our window day after we arrived in Longmont.

A hard week of packing, scrubbing, and polishing has Megatron as shiny and clean as the day we met.  It was amazing to feel the transformation as we packed our worldly belongings off on to the dock; by the time we were done, Megatron looked and felt quite a lot less like “our home.”  The last thing we did before starting our drive west was a dechristening.  With the last remaining bottle of champagne from our wedding after-party, we toasted and thanked Megatron and each other for keeping us safe, happy, and well-stocked with adventure for the past two years.

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