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2,022 miles after we left Boulder, we arrived at Marina bay yesterday morning three minutes before Megatron went in the water (NB. still no resolution on “the Megatron” vs. “Megatron”). I have a video of the blissfully anticlimactic launch, with the travelift whirring away.

Steph and I jumped aboard for the ride over to “B Dock”, which will be our home for the next few days.  Soon the surveyor and the previous owner arrived, and we were able to complete the survey begun last month by running the engine in the water, checking the water pumps, and noting that there were no visible leaks.  Awesome!

After they left, we set about unpacking the car.  Steph and I were shocked to realize that everything that was in the car fit inside the boat pretty comfortably.  We may yet realize that there is nowhere to store all of it, but so far we have at least been able to cram all of our boxes belowdecks.  We also tested our new heater, and found it to work well although it emits a foul odor (“Ah, that new heater smell,” noted Peter, the surveyor).

The smell of the heater and nervousness about carbon monoxide poisoning combined to send us back to my mom and stepdad’s house in Lexington for the night.  There, instead of worrying about dying in our sleep, we instead worried about our unattended boat sinking at the dock.  I twittered our biggest current dilemma (“How on earth can we christen this boat?  If we smash a bottle of champagne over the bow, we will get broken glass everywhere and probably break a host of environmental regulations.  If we pour a glass of champagne over the bow, we will feel like hopeless sissies.”) in the hope of new input, and we fell asleep.